New Timetable, the gym is now open all day

Page updated in September 2015


Monday12:15 pm until 8:00pm
Tuesday12:15 pm until 8:00pm
Thursday12:15 pm until 8:00pm
SundayClosed or Interclub Tournament


Beginners: You may come at any time, everyone trains together. Simply introduce yoursef to Sert on arrival and he will help you to get started!

One To One sessions: The fee for one to one sessions is £20 / hour. If you are interested please get in touch directly with Sert on 07438 430 792  

You may turn up at any time during these opening hours, and for however long you wish to train for.

For example you could turn up at 6pm and train til 7pm if you wanted to, or turn up at 5:30pm and train til 8pm.

It is your decision how long you wish to train for, however the more you train, the more you will improve!

The gym is also available to hire. Please contact us for more information.





Muay Thai - Thai Boxing
678 Christchurch Road
(behind hamburgerology)
Boscombe, Bournemouth, UK
Phone: 07438 430792

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30th May 2015
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